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Welcome Fishsticks Designs

Earlier this month we added a new downloadable pattern company called Fishsticks Designs.  Fishsticks offers sewing patterns for unique and modern clothing that is always practical for you and your family.  You’ll find that most Fishsticks patterns are sewn with cotton knit fabrics because that is exactly the fabric that most of us live our lives in. Each pattern includes step-by-step instructions with words and pictures so that you can read and see what to do next.

The owner/creator of Fishsticks Designs is Bonnie Ferguson.  She is a mom to six children, two girls and four boys. Because her youngest three are boys she focuses a lot on designing patterns that work great for boys.  She also creates patterns with an incredible amount of versatility so that you can become comfortable with a pattern and go back to it again and again without your end products looking exactly the same. You will to be able to build a whole wardrobe for your child from just a few patterns.

Browse Fishsticks Designs and give them a try!

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