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3000 Friends Giveaway!

I am simply amazed!  3,000 friends on Facebook!  Thank you to all the fans that have been with us since the beginning and a big thanks to all the newcomers from Sew Can She and Lil Blue Boo!!  I hope you enjoy seeing all the new fabrics, patterns, and trims that come across the news feed.  To celebrate this milestone, I think a giveaway is in order!  I have put together a fabric bundle of three 1 yard cuts of knit fabric for the winner.  There are two ways to enter the giveaway.  They are….

1.  Post a picture of something you have sewn up with fabric from The Fabric Fairy on our facebook page and then comment here that you have posted. 

2.  Share The Fabric Fairy Facebook Page with your friends and then comment here letting us know that you did. 

Please post a separate comment here for each entry.  There is a maximum of 2 entries per person for the contest (1 picture on FB and 1 sharing entry).  The contest runs from now till February 18th and we will post the winner by random drawing on the evening of the 18th on our facebook page.  This contest is open to international customers.  :)  And now,  the prize….

1 yard of each of these fun knits could be yours!!  Let’s play!

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  • Cassie L Says:

    Posted a picture of my nursing pads made with FF knits!

  • Cassie L Says:

    Shared/tagged FF for my friends on facebook :)

  • I posted a picture of a diaper I made using TFF Cranky Clouds fabric!

  • I shared your facebook page with my friends on facebook!

  • Cindy Watson Says:

    I posted a picture of a slipcover I made using some Joel Dewberry fabric I bought at TFF a while ago. I’m a procrastinator, but I am happy with how it turned out!

  • Katja L Says:

    I posted a picture on your wall :).

  • Katja L Says:

    Shared The Fabric Fairy with my friends.

  • I posted a cotton T I made for my American Hairless Terrier.

  • Diana Says:

    Shared your facebook page with my friends via email.

  • Jayme Waye Says:

    Posted a picture of a fitted diaper I made. :)

  • Autumn Ogletree Says:

    I shared your facebook page. Love TFF

  • chari Says:

    shared facebook page!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    I sent a picture for posting. It was my pink lemonade dress made with fabrics from the Fabric Fairy.

  • BridgetteD Says:

    Picture posted, baby shoes

  • katie p Says:

    Shared your FB page on my FB page! Love your fabrics

  • Melissa B, Says:

    Picture posted, HK outfit with leggings>:)

  • Melissa B, Says:

    TFF Facebook shared with my friends.:)

  • Stephanie C. Says:

    I just posted an Anarchy cloth diaper. LOVE that fabric.

  • Stephanie C. Says:

    Just shared on FB!

  • Just shared on FB as coveredbydesign:)

  • saskia Says:

    posted a photo on your fb page

  • saskia Says:

    shared with friends

  • Laura M Says:

    I posted a photo of a D&G printed kimono on your FB page!

  • Laura M Says:

    I shared your page on FB!

  • Char Quiroz Says:

    OK, Fabric Fairy has been shared (on Pinterest, too.)

  • Cheryl B Says:

    I just posted the sunshine/clouds/circus train reversible jacket and pants on FB for the contest.

  • Cheryl B Says:

    I just shared The Fabric Fairy’s FB page with friends. Hoping to win some of your quality fabrics.

  • Lisa H. Says:

    Shared TFF on Facebook. :)

  • Lisa H. Says:

    Posted a pic of a T-Rex shirt I made. :)

  • Sara S. Says:

    Just posted a pic of the cute diaper I made with your fabric!

  • Sara S. Says:

    Just shared your site with all my friends :)

  • stacy Says:

    I shared TFF on Facebook!

  • laryssa Says:

    shared fb page with friends…

  • Katie S. Says:

    I shared TFF on facebook.