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Enjoying the new site?

We’ve gotten a barrage of positive feedback about our new site, which absolutely thrills us.  Seriously, thank you.  We’ve been working so hard to try to incorporate all of the feedback we’ve gotten about what your dream fabric website would look like, what features and improved technology  you would want to see, and how we could improve the feel and ease of use of The Fabric Fairy’s website.  It’s nice to know that we got it right. :)


Which brings us to our first contest of our week-long new site celebration!!! Feel like sharing the Fabric Fairy love?  We came up with a fun contest to help spread the word about our new and improved site, shipping prices, discounts, etc.


Mention our new site on a message board or a blog, than email us at with a link to that mention so we can see it, and receive a chance to win a $100 gift certificate.  Each time you mention us on a board where the new site has not been mentioned, you will receive 5 entries for the $100 gift certificate.  Each time you post about us on Facebook or Twitter, or give us some love on a forum or blog where our new website has already been mentioned, you’ll receive 1 entry.  On Friday, we’ll put the entries in a bowl and randomly pull out a the name of the lucky person who wins the $100 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy.  Ready, set, go!!!


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